Therapeutic Radiation With Enzalutamide in Men With Recurrent Prostate Cancer

What we are studying

The purpose of this study is to describe the 2 year progression-free survival in men with recurrent PSA-only disease after prostatectomy receiving combined enzalutamide and standard androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) with salvage radiation therapy. Eligible men will have recurrent PSA-only prostate cancer within 4 years of prostatectomy, and a PSA of 0.2 - 4 in the absence of metastatic disease on CT and bone scans. In addition to standard ADT and radiation therapy, research participants will take enzalutamide once daily for six months. It is primarily hypothesized the 2 year PFS rate will be improved with the combined therapy compared to the historical control data in a similar patients setting.

Who we are studying

  • Men
  • Races:
    • White
    • African American
    • Asian
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • Other
  • All Ethnicities
  • Ages 18+

Eligibility Criteria

  • Rising PSA pst prostatectomy
  • PSA greater than 0.20
  • Ability to swallow; retain; and absorb oral medication

What is involved

  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests for routine laboratory tests
  • Imaging scans (a bone scan; CT scans of your chest; abdomen; and pelvis); these may not be needed if you have already had scans done recently
  • Quality of life questionnaires
  • Previous tumor biopsy tissue
  • Pill diary
  • Enzalutamide
  • Adrogen deprivation therapy
  • Radiation



Contact Information

Study Coordinator
Rhonda Bitting, MD

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